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Flowerland Decor is a quintessential New York florist that provides stylish events for clients from all walks of life. Mark a special occasion with unique decor event planners in New York, who give a distinctive flair to everything from marriage proposals to wedding ceremonies, memorable baby showers, large corporate parties, and other notable events.



Eager to create the perfect setting for a ceremony the happy couple and their guests can enjoy, FlowerLand Decor is the Wedding florist New York that delivers wedding decorations style. We put your vision top-of-mind with an iconic and unforgettable touch thanks to the bevy of elegant wedding decorations NYC has to offer. We want the event to reflect your unique personal style.

Special Events

With expertise in everything from bridal bouquet design to bat mitzvah decorations, as decor event planners in NYC, we pride ourselves on our ability to create stunning special events. Quaint bridal showers, extravagant charity fundraisers, timely celebratory banquets, creative birthday parties, or memorable romantic dinners are all in our wheelhouse.

Social Occasions

What makes a special occasion extraordinary? It starts with an NYC florist that has their finger on the pulse of exactly what you envision for your party. Or, if you’re not sure what you want for your event and you’re looking for guidance, we can take it from there too. Come for a preliminary consultation. We will walk you through our services that encompass everything from corporate flowers in New York to the perfect red carpet experience for a launch party or award show.

Flower Order and Delivery

Add a glamorous aesthetic to enhance your surroundings with the specialized flower delivery New York residents enjoy. Decorate your home or office with weekly flower delivery in NYC. Surprise your loved one and order the impressively fragrant gift that keeps on giving.

FlowerLand Decor - New York Florist | Flower Delivery New York

Are you looking for professional decorators and the best New York Florist who will design your special event tastefully?

Creative and skilled masters in Flowerland Decor will adorn your life with beautiful flowers. We use only fresh flowers during our work. We know that fresh flowers create an incredible atmosphere at any event or celebration, have a divine aroma, and delight the eye with bright colors. So, any occasion is sure to be remembered by the culprits of the holiday and its guests. Also, we use the language of flowers, because it is so easy to express feelings with their help. A beautiful bouquet will help you easily admit love, apologize, or make a surprise for someone very dear to you. Flowerland Decor will always be happy to help you with flower bouquet delivery New York!

You can order the following services in our company:

  • Decoration of weddings, ceremonies, and special events.
  • We provide Flower Arrangement Delivery NYC to different parts of Manhattan and Brooklyn.
  • Creation of exquisite bouquets and original Boxed flowers NYC.

Do you want to have an unforgettable event? Entrust the decoration to us!

Our agency is a team of real professionals with many years of experience who can organize small or big events of various complexity.

During our work, we have established a partnership with many restaurants, hotels, venues, NYC event planners, and companies. It allows us to guarantee with confidence the decor organization of an event or a celebration perfectly.

But the best indicator of the quality of our work is grateful and vivid feedbacks from our customers!



Flowerland Decor is our small recognition of great love for everything beautiful. Our team gladly does the following:

1. Develops own style; 2. Creates decor for themed photoshoots, conceptual meetings, and urban space. 3. Also, our wedding florist in New York City creates decor and floral installations for weddings or personal and corporate events as well. 

When we create the decor for each event, we are always filled with thrill to the incredibly deep floral world, the desire to experiment and not be afraid of innovations. We work with the world’s floristic trends and attention to conceptual detail and harmony. FlowerLand Decor is a beautiful story that we create together with you.

We offer a lot of benefits to our customers

Why us? If you order the services in our company, you will get the following benefits:

  • We quickly execute orders of different complexity and do a quick flower delivery New York as well;
  • We use VIP flowers for bouquets that are delivered to us from different parts of the world. Here you can order both classic and exotic flowers;
  • FlowerLand Decor company has many original ideas, and we embody them in the floral installations that we create for you;
  • Our flower delivery New York and Manhattan, in particular, is always on time
If you want to learn more about FlowerLand Decor services, contact us now!



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